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 North Hills Senior Living is a private 6 bed home located in the beautiful up and coming "Midtown" section of Raleigh N.C . Six years ago we set out to create a cost effective alternative to large scale "memory care" facilities with a  focus on personalized care for all residents . Our North Hills location is staffed 24 hours a day and offers many perks and amenities at no extra charge. For example medication management and medical appointment transportation are just a few of the free services we offer that usually incur extra charges at other locations.

 Caring for our aging seniors can be an exhausting task, health care cost are on the rise and our aging loved ones are living longer than ever before. You need someone on your side who understands your financial concerns and how Alzheimer's and Dementia affects every aspect of your life. We're here for you, and with over 15 years of senior care related experience, you'll find us more than capable of providing the very best care you deserve.

  If you're interested in exploring an alternative option to the traditional memory care setting  please contact us today to find out all we have to offer. 





North Hills Senior Living Quick Glance


  • All aspects of "Memory Care".

  • Licensed by the state of N.C .

  • 4 star rating.

  • Convenient "Midtown Raleigh" location.

  • Large facility alternative .

  • Optional doctor "House Calls".

  • No cost "basic care" services.

  • Special diet meal preparation  

Any Questions ?

Contact us :

Office 919-571-2556



We encourage family visits at North Hills Senior Living,  The North Hills area offers fine dining shopping entertainment and upscale hotels to accomidate visiting family members. Everything you need to make family visits exciting and interesting are just steps away from our location. Check out visitnorthhills.com to plan a memorable visit for you and your loved one's . 

About 90% of all North Hills Senior Living residents are referred to us by national senior referral service "a place for mom" . Former Good Morning America Co-Host "Joan Lunden" has been a long time supporter of "a place for mom", be sure to checkout her blog and website www.joanlunden.com/a-place-for-mom . You can also contact us directly (no referral needed). We would be happy to speak with you or set up time for you to visit.

North Hills Senior Living is centrally located between 2 nationally ranked hospitals . U.S. News & World Report Ranked Rex Health Care & Duke Raleigh Hospital among the top 10 Hospitals in the Raleigh Durham metro area and top 20 in the state. In the event of a medical emergency the cities best medical professionals are just minutes away.

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